Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reverbnotion: Dump Reverbnation.

I don't rant very often, but I see so many artists out there who believe that reverbnation is the key to their success. I can't deny that they offer great tools for beginning artists; integrating all these tools into one place allows an artist to focus on the art while the website does all the hard work.

I went through a phase where I wanted to make sure my web presence was as big as I could get it. Signing up for every music web site I could find. Adding as many people as possible just to get a play. Spamming music players anywhere I could. While this internet grind allowed me to meet and network with many talented artists, it distracted me from what was important: making music.

Branding is arguably one of the most important aspects of marketing your music. Every time you share your song from reverbnation, post a music widget, or tell people what place you are in on the reverbnation charts you're lending your credibility and brand to that web site. Essentially you're saying, "This site is legit because I'm on their charts". The truth is reverbnation would be nothing with out you.

So for all you artists that rely on it for all your promotions I realize you're a little scared at the notion of dumping reverbnation. I realize having that safety blanket there is very comforting, but the truth is there are several places that offer the same services. Several places that are far better for you and your future. I'd like to start a series exploring the different places where you can escape having your brand merged with some second rate myspace. After all, the biggest problem with Reverbnation is THERE ARE NO FANS THERE!

While I still have a reverbnation page to network with other artists, I'm starting to feel like Morpheus trying to pull people out of the Matrix.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

PovertyMan vs. the World: Revolution Time

I've been noticing many successful campaigns to increase facebook likes by some of my favorite artists. Now its time for all the PovertyFans and PovertyManiacs to take up arms and join the revolution.

Today marks the day PovertyMan starts work on his solo album and right now there are a 150 likes on the PovertyMan facebook page. If we can get that up to 200 likes I'll release the first verse to the introduction track to the album. 300 likes and I'll release the title of the album. Reach 400 likes and you'll be rewarded a track listing.

I'm asking all my PovertyFans to stop by facebook.com/povertymanmusic and hit like. I expect all my PovertyManiacs to hit like again to "Get Notifications". Share with anyone who you think likes PovertyMusic.

To thank everyone who already liked the page here are a handful of PovertyMan features. Stream. Download. Purchase. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Show review: M.I.C. Wars

Last night was the official Kickoff party for the first battle league in NEPA, M.I.C. Wars. Tons of artists from around the tri-state area came out to this inaugural ball and the town of Delware Water Gap may never be the same.

Every ball needs its bell, and DJ Tiny definitely wouldn't fit into any glass slippers: His mixing was pretty clean (except for a couple mash ups that weren't synced at all); his beat selection for the freestyling set was on point (Though, he switched beats very awkwardly); he queued those CD's so hard.

So there was a battle. I think there was a signup fee. Is that common practice?

The evening's champion, Loedis, showed off some rhyme schemes and freestyled a few licks. All the battlers did their thing. Not sure if anyone was expecting blood and guts. There wasn't any.

Over 20 rappers performed. 20. I really wanted to offer a review of each, but... having so many rappers really cut back on set lengths. Rappers who thought their sets were a certain length had it cut in half and it was difficult to form an opinion on most of the artists: Like guessing the taste of a drink by holding a glass. I understand that they wanted to break a bottle on the bow of the battle league ship, and having 20 artists would ensure a larger attendance, but hopefully this over-booking-practice will be left for the christening.

Artists had to pay the cover to get in. Is that common practice?

Cool show. Lots of potential. Hopefully they'll work out all the kinks.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

PovertyMan opens for M.I.C. Wars!

To show his support for a new rap battle league in the Poconos, PovertyMan will be performing a set on Saturday, March 15th, at the Pocono Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA.

PovertyMan's long time collaborator, Sinister Sev, will be there with his trademarked delivery and you can expect to hear a few tracks from their upcoming EP.

On top of that PovertyMan will be performing a new song to knock your socks off. Two words come to mind: Pocono. Anthem.

March 15th. 9PM. $5 cover. 21+. Leave your kids in the car. Crack a window.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Music You Might Have Missed

Its mid-December. You're trying to figure out if there are any new PovertyMan songs since the previous post. You're experiencing various symptoms of withdrawal: you're agitated and can't sleep; you've been vomiting for what seems like hours and can't get your sponsor on the phone. Relax. Take a breath because there's good news. There are new songs. Over the summer I teamed up with Death*Star, the deadliest NerdCore trio since the massacre of jocks the government tried to cover up back in the mid 80's, to create what is arguably a song. Make sure you check out Death*Star's newest album, "The Prequel", to hear the masterfully crafted Mexican Stand-Off (feat. PovertyMan). The entire Death*Star catalog is amazing and worth checking out (and purchasing). Then if you weren't scared enough a song was released on this year's NerdCore Halloween Mixtape entitled "Back From the Dead". I'm happy to announce this is the first single from the upcoming PovertyMan album, "Crumbs for the Masses". Expect that to be released mid 2014. One last announcement for the PovertyManiacs out there. There will be an EP released early 2014 from long time collaborators PovertyMan and Sinister Sev. Stay tuned for more, you dirty dogs.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sound of the Snake by Torrentz

Recently I was featured (along with a ton of other talented artists) in a song called "Sound of the Snake" with the international rap collective, Torrentz, released on Scrubclub Records. You can download the entire album, Torrentz Internationl, for FREE at Scrubclubrecords.com. Also, Torrentz is currently raising money to unite for the first time ever at this year's Nerdapalooza. Check out their indiegogo for different ways to help get them there!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Poverty, Man featuring PovertyMan" by MC 117

Ever since I was a PovertyKid I've always wanted to be a puppet. Now I realize that its an impossibility, but I was more than excited when I found out I was portrayed as a puppet in west coast rapper, MC 117's newest song: "Poverty, Man". This awesome song was recorded for MC 117's upcoming release entitled Rhymes Against Humanity and this first song can be downloaded for free right here.