Sunday, July 12, 2015

NSFA EP: Release Update

Building up to the release of the NSFA EP we've been trying really hard to contain our excitement. We submitted our first track, "The Hero vs The Villain," on the Merc wit da Mixtape v.2: A collection of songs by rappers from all over the world.

With less than a week to go before the release an animation for the EP's introduction rears its ugly head.

To accompany this animation we're releasing for the first time in history the PovertyMan button and the PovertyMan space helmet variant.

That said, head over to to pre-order your digital copy now and instantly get both those tracks plus the frankenstein of a song built from other songs, "Inside My Lab," plus the complete album the moment it's released on July 18th. Keep in mind the only way to get a physical copy right now is to come out to the show at the Main St. Jukebox on Saturday, 7PM.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

NSFA EP Promotional Flyer

Really cool promo cards. The front side has the NSFA EP album cover surrounded by a white border. At one point I considered adding some detail to the bottom to make it look like a polaroid picture, but I decided it already resembled one sufficiently. After they were made I realized that the space on the bottom is the same size as a 2"x4" address label. So now I plan on customizing them to promote specific events.

Conveniently there are easy to use template designers from the label's manufacturer, Avery. I hate to admit it but my first attempt at designing the label was a great concept, but had poor execution. I learned some valuable lessons from this experiment: Proofread; Have someone else proofread; these labels do not peel off easily. As seen in the photo.

"Check out my bancamp"

If you noticed the photos while reading this you'll notice the opposite side of the flyer has some minimalist interpretations of the rappers from the NSFA EP. At the top you'll find the bandcamp address (not bancamp) while the artists' names (@PovertyMan and @Sinister Sev). Now that the tests are out of the way I'll be looking to make some flyers for a specific event. Stay tuned to learn why.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

NSFA EP Cover Art Progress

I'm terrible at keeping up with this page. So I figured I'd leave a little treat for anyone who still visits. Today you I'm going to share some of the steps taken by artist Phillip Hudson when designing the cover for the NSFA EP.

Now all of the steps leading up to the final image were screen captures or pictures of pictures of pictures, and they still look pretty amazing.

This first image is still pretty rough, but there's already an understanding of where its going.

You can really appreciate the line work once the pencils are added.

Next its scanned into a computer to begin the coloring process.

Adding some high lights and low lights really makes the image pop.

Here's what my notes tell me is probably the final cover. These notes are generally pretty unreliable.

So there you have it, my friends. A copy of the NSFA EP cover will be included with every digital download once they're finally available. Stay tuned for more PovertyNews.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Music from PovertyMan

While awaiting the release of the Not Safe for Anyone EP (NS4AEP) I booked several shows on the other side of the mountain with one of the co-creators, Sinister Sev. The entire project was his idea to start with. So allow me to pretentiously explain that we no longer wish to release it. Or maybe we'll get Cher on it.

Needless to say these shows have been a lot of fun. PovertyFans are learning that we're constantly performing new material allowing us to quickly shift our PovertyFans into PovertyManiacs. So to remind people about our upcoming release we will post exclusive performances from these shows. Also, expect updates whenever any progress is made with NS4AEP.

Today I released a new video on my youtube channel from my performance at the Sherman Theatre this past week. Any PovertyFans that were requesting the lyrics for this exclusive song can now find them in the description of the video.

Hope to see you at the next show. To keep up with the latest updates follow me everywhere and stay tuned while we sort out the Official PovertyFan-mail system again. Once that's back in place we will be sending email updates. Remember, emails are still being collected in the mean time.

Special shout outs to M.I.C Warz and GCE for helping develop this hip hop community.

Here <---WARNING!! Don't click this link or you might start an infi-loop breaking the internet.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

M.I.C. Warz III - Friday May 9th

The third installment of the M.I.C. Warz battle league has switched venues. Its popping off on Main Street, Stroudsburg; where every body goes! Make sure you stop by the Quality Inn on Friday the 9th of May to see your favorite superhero turned rapper give yet another performance. Come out to check out the new spot. Tons of talented artists. I hear there will even be affordable drinks this time.

Here's a video from last month's show of me performing the crowd-pleasing "570".

Make sure you check out my bandcamp to hear my most recent collaborations.

Monday, April 21, 2014

4/26/14 M.I.C. Warz II

This Saturday there will be the second installation of the M.I.C. Warz battle league. I'm very excited to see how these battles are going to pan out. First round we have Sinister Sev Vs. Mozez Flowz and Blade Vs. Midnight Run. Then the winners will face off to determine the M.I.C Warz II champion. I will be performing my own set at some point and may even do a couple songs with friend and frequent collaborator Sinister Sev.

Also, the EP Sinister Sev and I have been working on is being mixed and mastered. My solo project is in the works. And, I remembered that I really don't care if you use reverbnation or not to promote your music.

Despite tons of exciting news that was a boring update. See ya soon!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

PovertyMan vs. the World: Revolution Time

I've been noticing many successful campaigns to increase facebook likes by some of my favorite artists. Now its time for all the PovertyFans and PovertyManiacs to take up arms and join the revolution.

Today marks the day PovertyMan starts work on his solo album and right now there are a 150 likes on the PovertyMan facebook page. If we can get that up to 200 likes I'll release the first verse to the introduction track to the album. 300 likes and I'll release the title of the album. Reach 400 likes and you'll be rewarded a track listing.

I'm asking all my PovertyFans to stop by and hit like. I expect all my PovertyManiacs to hit like again to "Get Notifications". Share with anyone who you think likes PovertyMusic.

To thank everyone who already liked the page here are a handful of PovertyMan features. Stream. Download. Purchase. Enjoy.