Saturday, March 14, 2015

NSFA EP Promotional Flyer

Really cool promo cards. The front side has the NSFA EP album cover surrounded by a white border. At one point I considered adding some detail to the bottom to make it look like a polaroid picture, but I decided it already resembled one sufficiently. After they were made I realized that the space on the bottom is the same size as a 2"x4" address label. So now I plan on customizing them to promote specific events.

Conveniently there are easy to use template designers from the label's manufacturer, Avery. I hate to admit it but my first attempt at designing the label was a great concept, but had poor execution. I learned some valuable lessons from this experiment: Proofread; Have someone else proofread; these labels do not peel off easily. As seen in the photo.

"Check out my bancamp"

If you noticed the photos while reading this you'll notice the opposite side of the flyer has some minimalist interpretations of the rappers from the NSFA EP. At the top you'll find the bandcamp address (not bancamp) while the artists' names (@PovertyMan and @Sinister Sev). Now that the tests are out of the way I'll be looking to make some flyers for a specific event. Stay tuned to learn why.

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