Sunday, March 23, 2014

PovertyMan vs. the World: Revolution Time

I've been noticing many successful campaigns to increase facebook likes by some of my favorite artists. Now its time for all the PovertyFans and PovertyManiacs to take up arms and join the revolution.

Today marks the day PovertyMan starts work on his solo album and right now there are a 150 likes on the PovertyMan facebook page. If we can get that up to 200 likes I'll release the first verse to the introduction track to the album. 300 likes and I'll release the title of the album. Reach 400 likes and you'll be rewarded a track listing.

I'm asking all my PovertyFans to stop by and hit like. I expect all my PovertyManiacs to hit like again to "Get Notifications". Share with anyone who you think likes PovertyMusic.

To thank everyone who already liked the page here are a handful of PovertyMan features. Stream. Download. Purchase. Enjoy.

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