Sunday, March 16, 2014

Show review: M.I.C. Wars

Last night was the official Kickoff party for the first battle league in NEPA, M.I.C. Wars. Tons of artists from around the tri-state area came out to this inaugural ball and the town of Delware Water Gap may never be the same.

Every ball needs its bell, and DJ Tiny definitely wouldn't fit into any glass slippers: His mixing was pretty clean (except for a couple mash ups that weren't synced at all); his beat selection for the freestyling set was on point (Though, he switched beats very awkwardly); he queued those CD's so hard.

So there was a battle. I think there was a signup fee. Is that common practice?

The evening's champion, Loedis, showed off some rhyme schemes and freestyled a few licks. All the battlers did their thing. Not sure if anyone was expecting blood and guts. There wasn't any.

Over 20 rappers performed. 20. I really wanted to offer a review of each, but... having so many rappers really cut back on set lengths. Rappers who thought their sets were a certain length had it cut in half and it was difficult to form an opinion on most of the artists: Like guessing the taste of a drink by holding a glass. I understand that they wanted to break a bottle on the bow of the battle league ship, and having 20 artists would ensure a larger attendance, but hopefully this over-booking-practice will be left for the christening.

Artists had to pay the cover to get in. Is that common practice?

Cool show. Lots of potential. Hopefully they'll work out all the kinks.

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