Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Music from PovertyMan

While awaiting the release of the Not Safe for Anyone EP (NS4AEP) I booked several shows on the other side of the mountain with one of the co-creators, Sinister Sev. The entire project was his idea to start with. So allow me to pretentiously explain that we no longer wish to release it. Or maybe we'll get Cher on it.

Needless to say these shows have been a lot of fun. PovertyFans are learning that we're constantly performing new material allowing us to quickly shift our PovertyFans into PovertyManiacs. So to remind people about our upcoming release we will post exclusive performances from these shows. Also, expect updates whenever any progress is made with NS4AEP.

Today I released a new video on my youtube channel from my performance at the Sherman Theatre this past week. Any PovertyFans that were requesting the lyrics for this exclusive song can now find them in the description of the video.

Hope to see you at the next show. To keep up with the latest updates follow me everywhere and stay tuned while we sort out the Official PovertyFan-mail system again. Once that's back in place we will be sending email updates. Remember, emails are still being collected in the mean time.

Special shout outs to M.I.C Warz and GCE for helping develop this hip hop community.

Here <---WARNING!! Don't click this link or you might start an infi-loop breaking the internet.

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