Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holy Moly!

Is it weird that I totally forgot I had this web site until listening to my friends over at the Nerdcore Meow podcast just now? Thanks for the reminder, fellas.
If anyone can see this, they mentioned The vocalist/producer contest I'm currently participating in. I, the vocalist, was partnered up with renowned artist/producer, Benjamin Bear. Unfortunately our team was disqualified from the first round because of some terrible luck. I'll explain here for anyone who hasn't been following the excitement.
The way it all unraveled was pretty silly. Essentially, BBear sent me an instrumental. I wrote/recorded a rough draft of the song. Then, with a strange twist of fate, I became rather ill before my chance to get some more takes in. I held onto the track as long as I could hoping I'd recover enough get a hit song, but never got the opportunity.
I knew I had to get something submitted lest I would be the laughing stock of the nerd community (Which in retrospect doesn't seem too bad). I sent the track to BBear to have him mix the track per the rules of the competition when he realized he sent me the wrong instrumental!
Because I was sick there was no time to rectify this problem. Because the beat was not original for this competition we lost all our points from round 1.
Round two is going down.

Now, here's the really weird thing about this whole topic: The song I submitted for this contest was basically about a character who had died and decided to attempt to come back to life. In order to accomplish this he needed to defeat the grim reaper in a rap battle. This story was metaphorically about how I hadn't made any new music such a long time; I was musically dead. Defeating the grim reaper in the song allowed me to begin making new music. And it was the conversation about said song on the podcast that reminded me about this web page. So either I'm tired, or things are starting to make sense.

Nope. Just tired.

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