Sunday, May 9, 2010

Snoop Remix Contest!

Everyone should vote for my submission in the Snoop Dogg Remix contest. There are a few ways to vote. 1. Click the box and follow directions

2. Any myspace users left in the world? Head over to and click "vote" near the left side of the screen!

The winner gets flown out to Snoop concert to hang out back stage with him. I didn't realize the voting had already started so I'm playing catch up now. So vote for me!!

This contest got so big (over a thousand entries) that they started a secondary contest for voters. Find more details here.



  1. Like most these online contests, the voting pro'lly doesn't mean shit. But the judges will be sure to notice you more if you're near the top. If everyone remembers the "Rock with Wu" contest I entered a few years back I came in first place as the peoples' choice, but never got the chance to perform with Wu Tang out in Hawaii.