Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First show review.

Its been a couple days since my on-stage-debut. Finally, the high I felt in front of about 200 people is wearing off and I'm ready to share my experience with the world. You might be asking, "How was it?" I can only sum it up with one word: Awesome.

My dude, Sinister Sev, lit a fire under the crowd with his tongue twisting rhymes. He brought his A game and it really boosted the entire show to the next level. (Make sure to check out his youtube channel to view his entire set)

I want to give a special Thanks to Sev for letting me be part of his act. We closed the set hard with the fan favorite "Happy Guy". My only regret is not moving around more during my performance, but it gets a little difficult when the stage is covered with miles of cables and towering mic stands.

Much love and respect to the other acts who performed. Such a successful night can only be contributed to great artists and fans. See you next time!

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